Decorate Like a Pro (Even if You're a Beginner) - Easy Application Tips!

Decorate Like a Pro (Even if You're a Beginner) - Easy Application Tips!

Let's face it, decorating can sometimes be daunting!

Visions of crooked stickers and wonky murals might dance in your head, but fear not!

Here at Themed, we're all about making decorating fun and frustration-free.

That's why our wall stickers and murals are super easy to apply, and we've got your back every step of the way!

Our wall stickers come in two main types:

Two Layers: These are simple! This product has two layers, the sticker & backing sheet which is removed during the fitting process. Easy as pie.

Three Layers: These wall stickers have 3 layers, a top layer of application tape, the wall sticker itself and the backing sheet - both application tape and backing sheet are to be removed. 

Murals Made Simple!

Our full wall murals are a bit different. Think giant, awesome wallpaper! They arrive in panels with pre-applied paste, so all you need is some water to activate the magic. We've got a handy video guide to walk you through the process, panel by panel.

Relax, We've Got Your Back!

We know that sometimes, even with the best intentions, things might not go exactly according to plan. That's why we offer an Installation Guarantee.

We're here to help, and a positive customer experience is our top priority.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner decorator and transform your room with our amazing Themed wall art! We've got all the tools and support you need to make it a stress-free, super fun experience.

Happy Decorating!

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