How to Install

Now your order has arrived, it's time for the fun to begin!

Prepare yourself

Take out your Wall Sticker from its packaging tube.

Unroll your Wall Sticker, and let it lie flat on the floor for an hour.

Please ensure the wall was not painted within the last 3 weeks, and that it has a smooth, none textured, finished.

Watch how it's done

Please view the relevant video for your order below.

Wall Sticker with 3 layers

This product has 3 layers. Top layer of application tape, the wall sticker itself and the backing sheet - both the application tape and the backing sheet will be removed during the fitting process.

Wall Sticker with 2 layers

This product has 2 layers. The wall Sticker and the backing sheet - which will be removed during the fitting process.

Full Wall Mural

This product is similar to wallpaper, it has a pre-applied paste which is activated using water and usually involves multiple panels.

Enjoy & Share

Stand back and admire your awesome Themed wall art!

Share your amazing work! If you send us an image or 2 of your wall art we will send you a £10 voucher to use on our website. Email:

Check out our YouTube channel here.

Watch our video guides

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